Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 27: Post-Showers and Collie Flowers

Our baby... and a quarter
First of all, for those that attended the shower last Saturday... THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! As soon as we have pictures I will post them here. We had a blast. It was really great to see all of our family and friends together in one place. I'm still not sure that I'm ready for all of the pink that is about to take over my life... I'm more of an Orange kind of guy. We'll just have to show Rylie how great Orange can be... right?

We have a little one about the
size of a head of cauliflower... weird. So we found out something kinda crazy the other day, Rylie is considered "full term" on July 6th!!! That is only 2 months away... we have way too much to get done... seriously! Hopefully she stays comfy in mommy's tummy until later in July (which is when they told us she would come, NOT early July!)

Right now, there isn't much more to say about Christie or Rylie... same stuff, different week!

Here's a picture I took with my phone of the pile of gifts that we were given on Saturday... what great friends and family we have! This little kiddo is already spoiled and she's not even here yet...

Next week will be here before you know it...

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