Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 28 & 29: Mother's Day Numero Uno... and 3d/4d Coming up!

Chinese Cabbage...
How do we know its not Asian Cabbage?
Ok, first things first, Rylie has taken up a new hobby... Jazzercise! I know, I know she's a little late to the '80's but what she doesn't know won't hurt her... We'll let her down easy when she gets here, until then Christie will just have to deal with Jazz hands to the ribs and somersault kicks to the lungs.

Second things second, we should have some pretty cool pics and/or video to post after this weekend! We're getting a 3d ultrasound (the 4d thing is kinda dumb... it just means "movie") but it's still cool. Supposedly we are will really be able to see what our baby looks like... facial expressions and all (I kinda hope she looks like me so that she'll never date, but kinda hope she looks like Christie, so that she's beautiful...) Do I get brownie points for that? No? Well, I should...
Butternut Squash... now that's just funny.
So many reasons...

C) Our bedding finally arrived... and by "our bedding" I mean "Rylie's bedding"... so now the nursery is 85% done... We will post pictures as soon as we get all the wrinkles out and get everything just the way we want. Which leads me to numero quatro.

#4. We bought a camera! The Canon Rebel XS... and I love it! Just using the kit lens right now, but I will build up my collection slowly but surely... I'm still learning what all those fancy dials do, but I'm sure I'll pick it up quickly... sooooo, when Rylie gets here, we will have all kinds of awesome photos to post here!

As for the veggies this week... check out the pics! Week 28 is the cabbage, Week 29 is the Squash... She's getting pretty big now and we can see her different parts (arms, head, legs, butt) sticking out all over the place. Its really cool.

Until next time,


  1. Pat Hargrave5/17/10, 9:01 AM

    Is Rylie beautiful or what!!!! Awesome pictures - keep them coming. Love to you all three :o) Auntie Pattie

  2. Zek and John6/1/10, 5:28 PM

    Devon, you are such a hoot -- I love your blogs! I'd wish to be a fly on the wall when Rylie has her first date!!! Ha... Anyway, she IS going to be adorable & neither you nor Christie can really begin to imagine how much you'll love her until she's placed in your arms. As I said before, get all the rest you can now, because sleep will soon just be a figment of your imagination. :) Love 'ya! Zek & John