Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And now for a little something extra...

This is a clip that we took in late November... just a little early speaking from the super smart baby, Rylie!

Also, don't forget that I do have a YouTube Channel that you are more than welcome to subscribe to... As well as the standard RSS feed to this blog. The YouTube Channel will most likely feature things that I will eventually post here anyway, but you may get to see the clips a bit sooner if you subscribe there too!

Thanks for reading...

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Great Apology... Part 1 of 5??? November

Allow this to signify the official rebirth of "The First Byrd Baby"... the site dedicated (at least mostly) to my daughter Rylie! Hopefully I can aptly show my deepest sorrow for not updating here since mid/late October... which I know is unconscionable...

Here is how I would like to do this. I'll start in November and move toward the present (as in "today" not as in "the gift"... use context clues... come on!)

I will make 2 and only 2 excuses, and they are:

  1. Work was kinda hell on wheels... long hours zapped my creativity for a long long time... any that I had was hoisted toward my daughter and loving wife... So, now that worked has slowed down a tad, I can allocate more of this "so-called creativity" to you, the readers.
  2. Oh, yeah, THE BABY!!!

But you know what they say:
"Excuses are like bungholes, everyone has one and they all stink!"

So without further ado about explaining why I haven't posted in "umpteen months"... Here we go!

First, I'd like to show you a series of pictures I took that exemplify her progress during the month. We have these hanging on our wall, as well. Btw, our house is a veritable shrine to Rylie... sorry, we can't help it!

We were learning to sit up... but in this case, it didn't work so well. When we fall it makes us have this face:

Another first in Movember (November is the month for supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness... Check the link to find out more) was the beginning of "feeding freedom" for mom and dad! Rylie began to hold her own bottles... It wasn't for the whole time yet, but it started the wheels of self-feeding time turning. Pretty cool!

There were also some "Moments of Random Adorableness". See below:

SEE... Freakin' cute, huh?

This was also Rylie's first Thanksgiving... so, of course, as with every holiday (you'll see soon enough) we dressed her up in Turkey garb.

I hope you will all accept my sincerest apology and look forward to reading more about my beautiful daughter in the near future.

Next up: DECEMBER!

I also want to give a "shout out" to my good friend Mike (or as I always seem to call him Michael) who placed a link on his blog, MUSCB, to mine... so I thought I would return the favor. He is currently unemployed, hence the name of his blog Mike's Unemployed Sad Cry Blog (you have to really follow the blog to understand the full meaning of the MUSCB acronym)... If you know anyone that might help him find gainful employment, send me an email.

- DC&R