Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 33 & 34: Craziness, and Maternity Pics...

Week 34: Cantaloupe
Rylie is basically just a large lump in Christie's belly that shifts from side to side on occasion. Her movement has slowed down quite a bit, which is completely normal (I mean, you try being a pineapple or cantaloupe and move around in a belly that is supposed to be the size of your fist...see why she's cramped!)
Week 33: Pineapple

We had another visit with Naomi today (in two weeks we have our last visit with a 2 week gap and we start going every week. Week 37 is a big milestone... it means that Rylie can come at anytime after July 5th and she would be perfectly healthy (maybe a bit light, but healthy nonetheless)... This is GREAT news! Almost there... also we found out some interesting info at the doc today that leads us all to believe that Rylie will probably come a little earlier than planned. Not so early that she won't be healthy, but probably closer to the July 5th date than the July 27th date. So we are half-heartedly hoping for July 6th, because I was born on October 6th and Christie's birthday is March 6th! That would be kinda cool huh? Anyway, Christie is doing fine, she just has to take it easy for a while, not bed rest yet (and hopefully not at all) but just taking it easy.

In other news... We took Maternity pictures on Saturday! This was pretty cool and we got some unbelievable shots (I think, we didn't see them yet, but the poses are great) This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series including the Maternity session, Newborn session, 6 month session, and First Birthday session! So we will have plenty of professional photos of her, plus the millions that I will take with my new camera!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 30, 31...& 32: Shower #2... Ready for Rylie

Hello people of the Internet...

Week 30: Cabbage
I know its been a really really long time since I posted anything and there are no excuses for that. So I apologize. We've been prepping 3 rooms of our house for texturing where previously there was wallpaper (we both HATE wallpaper and our house is 100% wallpaper free now) Also, and I don't know if you guys have heard yet, but Christie is 8 months pregnant and can't do as much as she used to (which was a lot) so I'm picking up some of the slack! I've also been working a lot lately... Were those excuses? Nope. Those were reasons. Ha!
Week 31: Naval Oranges (Weight of 4)

I'm sitting here watching my wife's belly move around as if she was growing an alien from an early James Cameron film. I'm serious, we sometimes just sit here and watch the "belly ballet". It's pretty sweet! Scattered around here you will find 3 pictures of a fruit and/or veggie with its representative quarter... also, WTH is Jicama? I mean really... are they just making stuff up now?

We are about ready for Rylie to come now... we made a list of "things we NEED to have before she arrives" and as of this past weekend, we checked everything off the list! We also just finished all of our childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, and baby care classes (I now know how to swaddle, bathe, diaper, and breastfeed a baby... woo hoo!) so we feel as prepared to have this little girl as we can be... I know we'll make lots of mistakes but that makes it fun... right?

Week 32: Jicama... Ya Got Me?
We had another shower in Tulsa, OK (where I am from) and it was pretty cool and a ton of fun. We got to see some old friends and family that we haven't seen in quite a while. They had a great setup and made it a "Summer/Pool" theme which was cute. Rylie had received some baby bathing suits from our previous shower and got some new ones at this shower... They were all hung under the fireplace Mantel... so freakin' cute!

We go to visit Naomi again on Monday (we go every two weeks now) and it will actually be Naomi seeing her this time, since she's had her baby and is off Maternity leave. We pretty much know that Christie is "all baby" right now but are kinda excited to see if Naomi can tell how much Rylie weighs right now. That July 6th "term" date is approaching... QUICKLY!

Here are some of the "Oklahoma Shower" pics...We will be posting pics from our "Texas Shower" when we get them.

Rylie's first Piggy Bank... Already has a decent amount of cash
and coin in it (like $10). Might be hard to not break it for myself... j/k

All her bathing suits... Hilariously Awesome!

I love this picture... In Orange is Christie and in Blue is
 my cousin Necia... both due within a few months of each other.

Some pictures of us opening some really cool gifts!

Christie and Rylie just taking a break...

I'll try to be better about the "once a week" thing...
Until next time (notice how I didn't say "next week"?),