Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 27: Post-Showers and Collie Flowers

Our baby... and a quarter
First of all, for those that attended the shower last Saturday... THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! As soon as we have pictures I will post them here. We had a blast. It was really great to see all of our family and friends together in one place. I'm still not sure that I'm ready for all of the pink that is about to take over my life... I'm more of an Orange kind of guy. We'll just have to show Rylie how great Orange can be... right?

We have a little one about the
size of a head of cauliflower... weird. So we found out something kinda crazy the other day, Rylie is considered "full term" on July 6th!!! That is only 2 months away... we have way too much to get done... seriously! Hopefully she stays comfy in mommy's tummy until later in July (which is when they told us she would come, NOT early July!)

Right now, there isn't much more to say about Christie or Rylie... same stuff, different week!

Here's a picture I took with my phone of the pile of gifts that we were given on Saturday... what great friends and family we have! This little kiddo is already spoiled and she's not even here yet...

Next week will be here before you know it...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 26: Showers...

Not a ton to report this week... it's a busy weekend at the Byrd house, but not much "news" per se. Two showers this weekend: Saturday (today) is a baby shower for us and Rylie that some long time friends of Christie's family are throwing for us. They also threw us a couples wedding shower, which was a lot of fun, so we're looking forward to it. My mom and dad are in town today for the shower, so that cool too. They get to see the baby room now that it's complete! (Well, I guess technically Dad got to see it this past weekend when the guys were down for the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway, so Mom gets to see it for the first time.)

Shower #2 is on Sunday, and it is for a good friend of ours, Ryan, and his fiancé, who are getting married in June. Should be a bit of fun too. Sunday night we will probably do a whole lot of nothing since we'll most likely be worn out...

I know I say it over and over, but Christie just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but only in her belly. The rest of her is just a tiny as it used to be. It kinda fun to watch. Rylie is getting stronger, and better at boxing. Christie says that she can definitely tell that she is stronger because her roundhouse kicks and left hooks seem to shake her whole belly.

We'll let you know all about the shower and just how spoiled this little baby is gonna be... I'm sure the answer is: VERY VERY SPOILED! But that's okay, right?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Day You Have All Been Waiting For...

You will not believe what happened this week!!! I did something productive! See... I said you wouldn't believe it! I also have a new legend to discuss. It is: "The Legend of The Circles of Magical Awesomeness", some people call it the Legend of C.O.M.A., but I find that just a little weird so I prefer to use the full title of said legend.

The legend goes a little something like this...

...A long long time ago, there lived a brilliant young man named Devon... Devon was also known as "The one with great hair". One day he was able to attract a fair young lass named Christie to be his bride. This was not easy, because though Devon had the mane of a stallion, he was average in stature and a bit pudgy to boot. It was a good thing that young Christie loved such fine hair. One sunny afternoon, about 3 years into their marriage Devon, whilst wondering through the land of "Babe-ee-zarus" he noticed that a particular pattern caught the attention of his lovely wife. Circles, Dots, O's... Whatever they are called, they were loved by Christie! Therefore, "The One with Great Hair" devised a plan. Find a pattern of circles that a person might draw a magical awesomeness. This pattern will adorn the wall of the first born daughter, and it will be called "The Circles of Magical Awesomeness".

- The End

So I put these circles on the wall... then we painted them. Christie painted the bottom circles and I painted the top because she can't be on a ladder. By chance I took the pictures below after I penciled the circles on the wall and after we painted them... We just hung the letters to visualize them in the first picture, but it turned out to be pretty cool. I'll put a few more pics at the bottom of the whole process, but suffice to say we are VERY happy with the way it all turned out!

Until the Week 26 update,

Old gross brown color... Came with the house...

First Coat of Paint...

Finished Product! Circles of Magical Awesomeness!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 24 & 25: Pink, Pink, Pink... and Green and Brown... and Corn

Time for another double post extravaganza!!! (Or is it a single post with double the content extravaganza? I'm not sure...) We had a date with Naomi last friday... well actually its Naomi's friend cause she is having a baby of her own soon, so she's is out on maternity leave... I hoped that we'd get to see Addison, I heard she's the best, but alas, it was a regular lady doctor!
Anyway, Christie had the privilege of drinking a big bottle of sugary stuff, I think its called Glu-Cola or something, to see if she has gestational diabetes like Brett Michaels. So that means more blood to be drawn... This is one thing that Christie doesn't do very well. But she is getting much better, I must say.

Christie is getting even bigger and we can prove it by looking at the ripples that show when Rylie decides to dance the Nutcracker but with Jazz-hands inside her womb (that's the part we can see... the Jazz-hands)

So we had a couple of pretty big milestones the last couple of weeks... allow me to list them for you (don't get too excited)
  1. We began drawing circles on the wall... No, not with crayons... with paint! And I must admit, we're pretty darn good at it! I'll eventually post some pictures to show how awesome we are at circle painting...

  2. Rylie went to her first rock 'n roll concert!!! Bon Jovi, the Legend himself!!! She loved it... I loved it... Christie loved it! Christie wasn't quite as comfortable as Rylie or I were, but that's because Rylie uses Christie as her own personal swimming pool... and I was, let's just say I was relaxed and ready to rock! I fully expect for Rylie's first words to be a lyric from "Bad Medicine"... I'm just sayin'...

  3. We reached Rutabaga status! Watch out veggie-babies... we're WAAAAY past the ear-of-corn stage!
As you can see, I have plastered representative pictures of our baby all over this post... thank goodness for my photoshopping skills to show you how different a Rutabaga is from a quarter. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, I didn't really photoshop a quarter into these pictures... they are provided by but don't worry, I'll still claim that I did it... because I can...) 

That's all for now... see ya next week (or in 2 weeks if I decide to be lazy again...)

P.S. You guys have been very lazy about the commenting... I know who looks, and I know who comments... and right now there isn't much crossover... we love to hear your words of wisdom, etc. So let's get back to commenting! I mean, its up to you :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 23: Good Friday... Mango Style...

Hola Friends, Family, and "Others That Stumbled Onto This Blog and Just Can't Get Enough Of It",

Today is Good Friday, which means that I am off work and Christie is not. Which also means, that I can lay around and do nothing all... day... long!!! Wait! What? I have to (make that "get to") paint Rylie's room?!?! Ugh... So much for relaxation.
Our Lil' Mango and her friend Mr. Quarter

I painted the crown molding (which I put up a few weeks ago) last weekend... some may say Extreme Procrastinator, I say Precise Planner... So today I will be painting the main pink color (Behr Pink Punch is what we decided on) and next weekend (or this week sometime if I get a wild hair up my tookus) I will draw and paint the circles in Behr Tart Apple (which is like a Granny Smith Apple color) and Behr Breakfast Blend (which is a Chocolate or Dark Coffee color) we just have to decide on the "design" which I'm still working on. An artist's work is never done!

As you can see, our little girl is about the size of a mango. I've decided to post the pictures each week now, and wouldn't you know, as soon as I start posting pictures, the fruit is recognizable on its own... unlike the fig, or razzleberry melon (I know there wasn't a razzleberry melon on the list, but I wouldn't put it past them to put a make-believe fruit in there one week.)

Christie is still feeling pretty good... getting hard to roll out of bed and her back hurts more than usual because of the weight of her ever-growing belly. We can already see where Rylie is by which side of Christie's belly is more lopsided... and her movements are beginning to show on the outside... its pretty cool!