Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 23: Good Friday... Mango Style...

Hola Friends, Family, and "Others That Stumbled Onto This Blog and Just Can't Get Enough Of It",

Today is Good Friday, which means that I am off work and Christie is not. Which also means, that I can lay around and do nothing all... day... long!!! Wait! What? I have to (make that "get to") paint Rylie's room?!?! Ugh... So much for relaxation.
Our Lil' Mango and her friend Mr. Quarter

I painted the crown molding (which I put up a few weeks ago) last weekend... some may say Extreme Procrastinator, I say Precise Planner... So today I will be painting the main pink color (Behr Pink Punch is what we decided on) and next weekend (or this week sometime if I get a wild hair up my tookus) I will draw and paint the circles in Behr Tart Apple (which is like a Granny Smith Apple color) and Behr Breakfast Blend (which is a Chocolate or Dark Coffee color) we just have to decide on the "design" which I'm still working on. An artist's work is never done!

As you can see, our little girl is about the size of a mango. I've decided to post the pictures each week now, and wouldn't you know, as soon as I start posting pictures, the fruit is recognizable on its own... unlike the fig, or razzleberry melon (I know there wasn't a razzleberry melon on the list, but I wouldn't put it past them to put a make-believe fruit in there one week.)

Christie is still feeling pretty good... getting hard to roll out of bed and her back hurts more than usual because of the weight of her ever-growing belly. We can already see where Rylie is by which side of Christie's belly is more lopsided... and her movements are beginning to show on the outside... its pretty cool!


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