Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 24 & 25: Pink, Pink, Pink... and Green and Brown... and Corn

Time for another double post extravaganza!!! (Or is it a single post with double the content extravaganza? I'm not sure...) We had a date with Naomi last friday... well actually its Naomi's friend cause she is having a baby of her own soon, so she's is out on maternity leave... I hoped that we'd get to see Addison, I heard she's the best, but alas, it was a regular lady doctor!
Anyway, Christie had the privilege of drinking a big bottle of sugary stuff, I think its called Glu-Cola or something, to see if she has gestational diabetes like Brett Michaels. So that means more blood to be drawn... This is one thing that Christie doesn't do very well. But she is getting much better, I must say.

Christie is getting even bigger and we can prove it by looking at the ripples that show when Rylie decides to dance the Nutcracker but with Jazz-hands inside her womb (that's the part we can see... the Jazz-hands)

So we had a couple of pretty big milestones the last couple of weeks... allow me to list them for you (don't get too excited)
  1. We began drawing circles on the wall... No, not with crayons... with paint! And I must admit, we're pretty darn good at it! I'll eventually post some pictures to show how awesome we are at circle painting...

  2. Rylie went to her first rock 'n roll concert!!! Bon Jovi, the Legend himself!!! She loved it... I loved it... Christie loved it! Christie wasn't quite as comfortable as Rylie or I were, but that's because Rylie uses Christie as her own personal swimming pool... and I was, let's just say I was relaxed and ready to rock! I fully expect for Rylie's first words to be a lyric from "Bad Medicine"... I'm just sayin'...

  3. We reached Rutabaga status! Watch out veggie-babies... we're WAAAAY past the ear-of-corn stage!
As you can see, I have plastered representative pictures of our baby all over this post... thank goodness for my photoshopping skills to show you how different a Rutabaga is from a quarter. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, I didn't really photoshop a quarter into these pictures... they are provided by www.babycenter.com... but don't worry, I'll still claim that I did it... because I can...) 

That's all for now... see ya next week (or in 2 weeks if I decide to be lazy again...)

P.S. You guys have been very lazy about the commenting... I know who looks, and I know who comments... and right now there isn't much crossover... we love to hear your words of wisdom, etc. So let's get back to commenting! I mean, its up to you :)


  1. I quite frankly am mad that it took so long for you to update! I mean I am having to live vicariously through you and well when you don't keep me updated it is hard! I can't wait to see the pictures of the nursery, oh and by the way I went shopping for Baby Girl today!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery! The glucose test is a bummer, blaah. Glad all is well!

  3. HA! Nice... what did you get me... er, her? :) Tell Cliff to start making babies!

  4. i know nothing about kiddos ('cept maybe bout their teeth!), but i love reading your ramblings! :) miss and love you guys!

  5. I look at this blog probably 2 times a week looking for updates! Plus we have no advice for you when it comes to babys... but you will be able to give us this advice (some day)!! Also, i am excited to see pictures of the nursery! yah!
    Miss ya!
    Virginia and Dustin