Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Day You Have All Been Waiting For...

You will not believe what happened this week!!! I did something productive! See... I said you wouldn't believe it! I also have a new legend to discuss. It is: "The Legend of The Circles of Magical Awesomeness", some people call it the Legend of C.O.M.A., but I find that just a little weird so I prefer to use the full title of said legend.

The legend goes a little something like this...

...A long long time ago, there lived a brilliant young man named Devon... Devon was also known as "The one with great hair". One day he was able to attract a fair young lass named Christie to be his bride. This was not easy, because though Devon had the mane of a stallion, he was average in stature and a bit pudgy to boot. It was a good thing that young Christie loved such fine hair. One sunny afternoon, about 3 years into their marriage Devon, whilst wondering through the land of "Babe-ee-zarus" he noticed that a particular pattern caught the attention of his lovely wife. Circles, Dots, O's... Whatever they are called, they were loved by Christie! Therefore, "The One with Great Hair" devised a plan. Find a pattern of circles that a person might draw a magical awesomeness. This pattern will adorn the wall of the first born daughter, and it will be called "The Circles of Magical Awesomeness".

- The End

So I put these circles on the wall... then we painted them. Christie painted the bottom circles and I painted the top because she can't be on a ladder. By chance I took the pictures below after I penciled the circles on the wall and after we painted them... We just hung the letters to visualize them in the first picture, but it turned out to be pretty cool. I'll put a few more pics at the bottom of the whole process, but suffice to say we are VERY happy with the way it all turned out!

Until the Week 26 update,

Old gross brown color... Came with the house...

First Coat of Paint...

Finished Product! Circles of Magical Awesomeness!


  1. what an adorable room...the cirles are super the color combo too...

  2. loving the room, the colors, and the circles! too cute. i'm so dang excited for you two! :)

  3. Precious. Rylie is gonna be a lucky girl.

  4. I LOVE IT!!! We're going paint shopping tomorrow :) yippee!