Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 22: Christie's Workshop

Hello everyone,

So Rylie has been moving all over the place. I think she's building something in there.... Oh, maybe she is using all those fruits and vegetables to build us a present! And now she has a spaghetti squash to add to her materials.
I decided to download all the pictures of the fruits and veggies and Photoshop a quarter into each picture for purposes of comparison... I did this just for you, my readers! If any of you ever visit, they have a gallery of fruits and vegetables that looks strikingly similar to the ones I have put together... It may or may not be a coincidence, I'm just sayin'.

Ok, so maybe she's not building anything, but she's at least trying to move some furniture around cause she's active A LOT lately...

Christie is getting bigger by the week, and Addie (our first daughter), is beginning to get used the idea of a sister. We know this because she has started using Mommy's tummy as a pillow. Addie also likes to jump into the middle of Christie's Snoogle when she gets up to use the restroom (which happens roughly 4 - 6 times per night... or at least it seems that way to me and Addie.)

Here is an obligatory picture of our little Addie for a reference:

See ya,
D&C (and Addie)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 20 & 21: Kicking Banana Sonogram Split

I FELT RYLIE KICK TODAY!!! Christie has been able to feel her moving and kicking for a while now, but she would always stop when I would put my hand on her belly (naturally, since I'm a calming force of nature, she would calm right down...) but today, I must have been off my game because she kicked right through my calming aura! She could possibly take part in the 2028 Summer Olympics going for a gold medal in Boxing, like Lela Ali (or possibly a martial art, we're gonna give her options)...

Rylie has gotten quite a bit bigger... as you all know, we had a sonogram a couple of weeks back and found out we are having a little girl! Rylie can be found posing for some pictures below... such a ham, must get that from her mom (ok, probably from me...) I know i've missed a week on the posting, but such is life... Last week she was the size of a banana and this week she is a carrot... the reason for the jump in fruit size is that after 20 weeks the baby is measured from head to toe, while she was previously measured from head to rump... I don't know why, but those are the rules.

Next on the agenda is PAINT!

We have finally picked the paint colors...after selecting 1 chocolate, 2 greens, and 3 pinks to test, we nailed it on the chocolate, 1 of the greens was perfect and completely struck out with the pinks. So we start over on the pinks and pick 3 more... so the grand total is 9 paint samples on the wall and 3 colors chosen! We're going with a pink base, Behr Pink Punch, in case you're interested... with Chocolate and Green (Behr Breakfast Blend, and Behr Tart Apple) circles on the wall. We're not sure about the size and arrangement of the circles but I am using my awesome Adobe Illustrator expertise to layout the wall before we paint... It's much easier to move circles on a computer than ones painted on a wall! We will have pictures up as soon as things are painted... I promise.

Next up? Camcorders!

I just purchased a Canon Vixia HF200... the sleekest most affordable little video camera ever made (maybe not ever, but i like to pretend). It takes only "flash memory" so no tapes, no on-board harddrive, nothing to go wrong except pure camera! So when I take a video of my little girls first steps, i pop a card into my laptop and its on this blog within minutes (actually it'll probably be more like days because i'll have to edit it to look all fancy, since im a perfectionist like that...) Should be pretty fun stuff!

My next purchase will be a DSLR still camera, probably a Canon Rebel XSi or Canon Rebel T1i but that's a ways down the road. Hopefully before Rylie comes, but if not maybe i can save some birthday money and christmas money. We'll see...

Until next time,

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's In A Name?

A LOT! At least that's what we think... check it out... along with some gifts we received by the fam and close friends we have the little girls name right here:

No middle name yet, but we're getting close. We'll let you know when we get it all figured out...

Until later this week,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 19: Naomi, Drum roll, please...

We went to see Naomi again today and before seeing the her, Christie laid down on the table to have the baby measured via a sonagram... After many measurements were taken (I think they measured every single body part possible) we went on a gender quest. More on that in a second...

We then went back outside to the waiting room without seeing Naomi. She needed to look at the pics and measurements to make sure the baby was healthy... 5 minutes later we get called in to sit in our exam room... only to wait more. We were a little nervous so it felt like hours of waiting when the whole thing thus far had only taken about an hour and 15 mins (with 30 of that being the sonogram.) Naomi finally came in and talked to us about our perfectly healthy baby! We asked a few questions and left.

Oh yeah, and by the way, IT'S A GIRL!!! And we know that she is going to be a very proper young lady because she covered her "privates" with her hands so we couldn't see... we had to try to find a different angle to find out... she made us wait a while!

This is the coolest news I've had in quite a while... I just can't stop smiling...

See ya,

P.S. She's the size of an heirloom tomato.... really? pretty specific and also crossing back to the "veggies that are really fruits" realm... oh well. IT'S A GIRL!

This also warrants a new color scheme!!! Which will most likely be similar to the colors that we paint the room.