Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 22: Christie's Workshop

Hello everyone,

So Rylie has been moving all over the place. I think she's building something in there.... Oh, maybe she is using all those fruits and vegetables to build us a present! And now she has a spaghetti squash to add to her materials.
I decided to download all the pictures of the fruits and veggies and Photoshop a quarter into each picture for purposes of comparison... I did this just for you, my readers! If any of you ever visit, they have a gallery of fruits and vegetables that looks strikingly similar to the ones I have put together... It may or may not be a coincidence, I'm just sayin'.

Ok, so maybe she's not building anything, but she's at least trying to move some furniture around cause she's active A LOT lately...

Christie is getting bigger by the week, and Addie (our first daughter), is beginning to get used the idea of a sister. We know this because she has started using Mommy's tummy as a pillow. Addie also likes to jump into the middle of Christie's Snoogle when she gets up to use the restroom (which happens roughly 4 - 6 times per night... or at least it seems that way to me and Addie.)

Here is an obligatory picture of our little Addie for a reference:

See ya,
D&C (and Addie)

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