Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 19: Naomi, Drum roll, please...

We went to see Naomi again today and before seeing the her, Christie laid down on the table to have the baby measured via a sonagram... After many measurements were taken (I think they measured every single body part possible) we went on a gender quest. More on that in a second...

We then went back outside to the waiting room without seeing Naomi. She needed to look at the pics and measurements to make sure the baby was healthy... 5 minutes later we get called in to sit in our exam room... only to wait more. We were a little nervous so it felt like hours of waiting when the whole thing thus far had only taken about an hour and 15 mins (with 30 of that being the sonogram.) Naomi finally came in and talked to us about our perfectly healthy baby! We asked a few questions and left.

Oh yeah, and by the way, IT'S A GIRL!!! And we know that she is going to be a very proper young lady because she covered her "privates" with her hands so we couldn't see... we had to try to find a different angle to find out... she made us wait a while!

This is the coolest news I've had in quite a while... I just can't stop smiling...

See ya,

P.S. She's the size of an heirloom tomato.... really? pretty specific and also crossing back to the "veggies that are really fruits" realm... oh well. IT'S A GIRL!

This also warrants a new color scheme!!! Which will most likely be similar to the colors that we paint the room.


  1. yay!! Congrats!! Girls are alot of fun :)


  2. You think she's a lady...just wait! :) Azja crossed her legs and covered her privates for the sonograms, too, but all that changed. She'll spread her legs, fart, name it! Baby's are so classy! :)

    Can't wait for Azja and Rylie to meet!!