Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 12: Ballet, Chameleons, and a New Pillow (Updated)

So apparently Baby is gaining reflexes this week... hard to believe since its only the size of a lime (I think more like a small lime rather than a big lime... I think its only 2") It's eyes are now in front of its head, where they should be. They used to be on the side of its head like an chameleon... I forgot to mention this earlier, but its true. Baby's toes can curl and its fingers can move. It can lightly kick, also. Basically it is preparing to do ballet in Christie's womb, which is cool and disturbing at the same time.

We are now the proud owners of a "Snoogie". What is a Snoogie, you ask? Well, a Snoogie is a long pillow shaped like a handicapped "S" that Christie sleeps with and helps with 2 things:
  1. It keeps her from rolling on her back, which restricts blood flow to the baby. Baby - Bloodflow = Bad!
  2. It helps Christie sleep more comfortably. Christie + Sleep = Good!

Update: The "Snoogie" is actually a "Snoogle"  I misread the package when I glanced at it... This mistake was brought to my attention by Virginia! Thanks Pal!

    We also officially own 4 books on babies, yet only possess 2 of them. We got one when we went for our first "baby doctor" visit. (It was given to us by the Cord Blood Registry... How nice of them!) Then we ordered 3 others that the doctor recommended from Barnes & Noble. However, ya see, B&N sent us 1 book on pregnancy.... and two other titles: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Self-Sufficient Living" (as in, how to grow/farm/raise everything you could ever need to live) and "How to Grow More Vegetables" (as in, how to grow more vegetables.) Imagine our surprise when we got these instead of "On Becoming Baby Wise" and "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer"... However, they were surprisingly good reads and we now own 5 Chickens and have corn growing in the back yard! (Just kidding...)

    The comments have been lacking, so I'm not sure people even read this... but until next time,

    D&C... and Baby


    1. i'm reading! and loving it! and so thrilled for you two, and your little one on the way!! :) can i be aunt emily??

    2. of course you can!!! we don't have any sisters, so done :)

    3. Imagine the surprised faces of the couple who were planning on dropping off the grid and farming but instead got baby books! The husband comes home, grabs the mail, and says, "Um, baby? Is there something you need to tell me?" hehe

    4. I am reading (and then I let Dustin know of anything important)! Also, are you sure the pillow is called Snoogie and not Snoogle? Since I could not visualize this pillow, i did a search on the internet and that is what I found... so its gotta be true!
      -Virginia & Dustin

    5. That pillow looks awesome!

      I think you should get a chicken. That would be fun!

      Congrats on the baby's eyes moving. I'm glad they didn't stay on the sides of baby's head.

    6. well, senor byrd...i'm reading...and laughing...and must admit the chameleon eye thing freaked me out a lil bit...

    7. Babywise is overrated. . . FWIW. . .

    8. TulipGirl,
      I'm not sure about Babywise yet (as I haven't finished it), but I'm not sure I know who you really value your opinion, either :) It's typically best to accompany comments like this with some sort of explanation... FWIW... :)