Monday, January 18, 2010



This time I'm going to give you guys some pictures to look at. We have been looking at baby furniture for the last few weekends... I know, I know, it's a little early but we're planners (strike that, Christie is enough planner for us both) and figured we could spread our spending out over the next several months rather than buying a whole bunch of stuff at once right before the baby arrives.

So we shopped and shopped, I gave opinions when asked, and sometimes when not asked... but there were three things we both agreed that the furniture must have:
  1. Dark wood... it matches the existing furniture in our house, plus we both like the look!

  2. The crib has to be a "combo"/"convertible" bed. Basically (and I didn't know this until Christie became "with child") they make Transformer beds!!! Not the kind that I wanted when I was younger (the one with Decepticons and Autobots splattered all over the sheets and pillows) but ones that ACTUALLY TRANSFORM... Much better! So you push a button and it turns from a crib, to a toddler bed, then to a full bed... (and by push a button I mean get out my tools and dissassemble and reassemble the thing manually)... Again, this reminds me of the Transformer toys that I had as a child... The commercials showed them "automagically" transforming as if my thoughts could make it happen... but alas, when I played with them I had to manually make them turn from Peterbilt to Renegade Robot... oh well, long story longer, these new cribs are AWESOME!

  3. The furniture needed to be comtemporary/transitional in style. Nothing too Uber-Modern, but nothing with too many swirls and flourishes either. Clean lines, and subtle details... 
We ended up getting a pretty good deal on this stuff! Check it out below... We are happy with our decision! 

Pretty cool, huh?

Until tomorrow for the weekly update.



  1. I like it!

  2. Looks good! "and by push a button I mean get out my tools and dissassemble and reassemble the thing manually)..." - hilarious. Someone needs to actually make a push-button transformer (or transformer bed). I bet the Japanese have created one (or both). In fact, kids in Japan probably had push-button Transformers back when we were kids. They get the coolest robots over there! Actually, push-button beds might be a bad idea. I'm picturing a child discovering the button in the middle of the night. The next morning they're wrapped up in the bed 'Fifth Element' style. Good job unsafe Transformers bed! Now the kids are scared of you and will never get to sleep!

  3. Nice crib/bed... cribed. I didn't know there was such a thing. Your blog is both entertaining and informative.

  4. Sarah Thummel1/31/10, 2:12 PM

    Nice furniture! I'm a fan of the dark wood too and both our babies have the convertible's smart! But, do know that you will get teeth marks on the sides that will be there forever unless you invest in crib railing covers to protect it. Wish I did before Ella got her teeth into it!