Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 16: Usually its a fruit... maybe it still is...

Christie is starting to show now... at least more than before... I think we ARE going to take belly pictures!!! However, I think we are NOT going to post them... at least not yet. We'll see if that changes. It really is very cool to see her belly grow. I like to kiss it... I know, I know it's sappy... but, its true!

Christie has been feeling much better lately, which is great... she still has an above average gag reflex to offensive smells and tastes but not much is setting it off lately.

 We bought our first "maternity clothes" about a week ago but she has been able to wear her regular jeans with an "expander thingy" in the front that allows her to keep them unbuttoned (she has to keep them zipped though, otherwise it might be a little weird at work). But we're getting close to not being able to wear normal clothes... it really is adorable, but Christie doesn't think so yet. She still sees it as "getting fat"...

As for Baby... it is the size of an avocado, which is odd cause usually they use fruit to measure babies with (at least that's what told me) figs, apples, lemons, the occasional medium sized shrimp... but an avocado? They are really starting to confuse me... I was really ready to find out next month 2 things:
  1. How many blueberries long my baby is...
  2. Whether we paint its room pink or blue...
But now I'm more confused than ever... do I measure it in "bowls of guacamole" or some other vegetable? I guess only time will tell.

Thanks to all of you that have been commenting... its fun to read what you guys think and like... for all of you "blog ninjas" that like to be "hip... hip... hip hop anonymous" (if you didn't get that then you need to watch "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler) then you need to try a comment or two!

As for the cool news that I haven't told you yet, well... there is some "back story" to it and I just need to sit down and put it out there, but not today...



  1. Loving the blog! I am somewhat of a blog stalker and don't comment very often. I'll try to change that. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Miss and love you guys!

  2. If I read your blog at home I can comment. But not at work. Stupid IT crazies, blocking my abilities! ARGH!!!!!!! Love the Blog! -Necia

  3. Hey Its Kelly :)
    Yay for Christie being 16 weeks. I was telling Gayle how you guys could technically find out the sex next week at a 3d u/s place. They do gender u/s usually at 17 weeks , it wouldnt be in march so the birthday thing would be messed up. But it could be a good v-day present!? We did it with Ashlyn, and this one too. This one is a Boy, were naming him Blake. Were excited to see you guys, Were coming down for the neighborhood garage sale So probibly Thurs-Sat whenever that is.
    Can Christie feel the baby yet!? It wont be long now if she cant, I want you to spill the exciting story now too, its bugging me :)

  4. Thanks Kelly! Actually, our doctor does them anywhere between 16 - 20 weeks, last week was just a little too early and we see her once a month now. Our next appt is on the 5th so... that's when we find out... we have a second ultrasound scheduled anyway so it works out fine! We're gonna wait to get a 3d/4d ultrasound later on in the pregnancy so we can see more of the baby and make out his/her face... See ya soon!

  5. First you tell us about that crazy pillow, then you get a transformer crib, and now you say you have a device or 'expander thingy' so you don't have to button your pants! I need to get one of those before thanksgiving.

  6. Hey its Virginia! The exciting thing is, is that your fruit sizes is still consistant... I had to look it up, but an avocado is a fruit!

    Check it!

    I can't wait to hear the exciting story - so you should tell it soon! And I think you should post Belly Pics! And 2 weeks till you find out if its a boy or girl! I am so excited for you two!