Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 15: The Byrds and Naomi... Checkup #3


This post might be a little short, but we are headed to the doctor on Friday morning for our 3rd visit... By the way, if anyone watches Private Practice, our Doc looks almost identical to Naomi on that show, which is kinda cool because I feel like a celebrity is going to deliver our baby! Only 1 more visit left till we get our 2nd sonogram and find out whether we buy blue paint or pink paint...

As for Baby, well... about 4 inches and about 2.5 oz heavy... How 'bout them apples!!! Ha! It's actually about the size of an apple... so that's why I said "How 'bout them apples!!!" Get it!?!?! It's eyes are "fused" shut which I didn't even know before now, that makes me upset, but just a little bit. However, apparently his/her ears are working just fine, because our "Weekly Activity" is to begin talking to the baby, so it can get used to our voices, etc. Crazy how things work, isn't it?

Until this weekend (When I'll have a "Naomi" visit and another very exciting story to share)


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  1. So exciting!!!!! :)