Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naomi Checks the Baby

One thing I hate about the doctor's visits is that when we have an 8:45am appointment, we are lucky if we get called in by 10:30am (That's only slightly an exaggeration...really its like 9:15am) I understand that this is the nature of prenatal care with the unexpected deliveries and what not, but that doesn't mean i have to like it... right?

So we went to see Dr. Naomi (it really is pretty uncanny, the only difference is that our Naomi is pregnant and the one on TV is not...) and she did all the standard stuff. She asked how Christie was feeling. She reminds us how far along we are. She asks if we have any questions. She then listens to all 50 of the questions that I've written down/ typed out on my phone over the past month... she's a good and patient doctor! Christie hasn't gained much weight yet, so we asked about that... she said its normal to not gain or even lose weight over the first trimester. So we're all good there. We asked some questions about safe products, etc. Then we found out some exciting news...

Before I share this news I need to point out that Christie was born on March 6th. I am sometimes very creative with birthday/anniversary presents (especially when we were dating, go figure) and sometimes I am not creative at all... though I haven't forgotten any yet! Woo hoo! That being said, keep these two facts in mind: 
  1. Birthdays are a pretty big deal. 
  2. Finding out the sex of a baby is a pretty big deal.
On to the exciting news... We get to find out the sex of our baby next month!!! No more "it", "he/she", or just "Baby"... The day we find out? March 5th (which might as well be March 6th, which is Christie's birthday) I'm sure you see where I'm going with this... I think it is brilliant! I was able to perfectly plan the the timing of our pregnancy to ensure that one of the major milestones fell precisely (or really really close) on my wonderful wife's birthday! I am the best husband in the world! I am able to give the gift of "knowing the gender of our baby" to Christie for her birthday!

Genius Right? No? What? That doesn't count as a birthday present? Crap! Well, I thought it was a great idea... Oh well.

I have also decided that it would be cool to take a picture of Christie's belly every week until the baby comes to be able to look back and see the progression over time. Notice that I said "I decided"... I still have to convince Christie... so we'll see.

I DO have some other pretty cool news but that will have to wait till next time (I'll try to not wait till next week)

Until then,


  1. Nice gift!!! But knowing Christie, since she has been my sister for oh 24 years 6 months and 3 days, I think she might be expecting something along with the gender of yalls child. Just sayin... LOL

  2. You should do the belly pics. We did and they provide great memories, especially for the kids.

  3. You should do pictures of Devon's belly too just to be fair.

  4. HA! You guys crack me up... If i take belly pictures then I will definitely post them... just for you Adam.

  5. Post some belly pictures!!

    ~Kassi Buck