Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Months and Counting...

Last week we had our 2 month checkup...

Our doctor says we have a perfect baby... I tend to agree with her, I'm just sayin'! I think she meant medically perfect, but I'm am a guy so I hear what I want to hear... right? Right!

Rylie is now up to 10lbs 9oz and 22.5" long... running around somewhere between 50th and 75th percentile... in other words (or the same words as earlier) PERFECT!

I'm slowly trying to teach Rylie how to be Awesome like her dad, and I think she's picking up on it rather well... Just look at her! She basically exudes Awesomeness!

I have another "What We've Learned" in the works... so be ready to laugh your heads right off...

And now for the pictures!

Hangin' out with Sister Addie

No Pictures, Please

D,C,& R


  1. Awesomeness everywhere! Great pictures.

  2. Absolutely Adorable!!! So Cute!!!!