Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello People of the Interwebs,

I'm going to again try to keep this updated. Life and work gets in the way... BIG TIME!!! But the goal of this blog was to chronicle my little girls life, and chronicle I will!

WARNING: There could potentially be 1,000,000 pictures in this post as we decided to take 20,000,000 pictures in December. It took a while to wade through them all to keep the good ones and trash the bad/blurry/ugly ones. I've posted some keepers throughout this post for your eyejoyment! (see what I did there? I took eye and enjoyment and mashed them together to form a new more awesome word... eyejoyment. It will hit your local Merian-Webster in late 2014.)

It turns out that I was able to narrow down the pics quite a bit... I take a lot of "burst" shots so I am ensured to get at least 1 good shot. I'll try to narrate these shots as we go... unfortunately for you... (and me kinda) it has been nearly a year since these pics were taken, so i'll have to "wing it"... I'm a Byrd so that shouldn't be too hard, right?!?! I know, I know... I'm hysterical.

This set is just of her eating... we took a lot of "her eating" pics in the beginning. Everything was new and magical, even just eating...

We STILL take pictures when she ends up like this!!! The "peas" are hard to make out at first, but look closely... around her chest dimple, matted hair, and the general area of her entire body... you can start to see why we had to capture this before dunking her in the sink for a good soak. The second pic in this one is AFTER bathtime... so freakin' cute!

In these next few we are at G-Ma and G-Pa's house in Oklahoma... Their sink is much deeper than ours... she pretty much fits in it perfectly! Looking back, its hard to believe she was ever that small...

Here we have "The Cousins R"... Rylie and Riya! This was one of the first times they were together (at least when they weren't just sleeping newborns) Riya is 6 weeks younger than Rylie. I think they'll grow up to be great cousins...

Family Christmas at G-Ma and G-Pa's house! I think this is the first time Rylie "read" a book... she absolutely loves to have books read to her! It's pretty neat...

 Snuggling with G-Ma... and Kaele the dog!
 Now for Christmas morning at home... so many pictures of her "opening" her presents... waaaaaay too many in fact. My faves are below... I especially like the giant "Nemo"... Daddy might have picked that one out for her.

Opening presents is EXHAUSTING! She just couldn't stay awake... So funny...

Next up: January 2010


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