Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Baby + Technology = New Blog about New Baby


As some of you already know, we are expecting our first child at the end of July! For those that didn't know... well, now ya do! There are several reasons that we are starting this blog:

1) It is an awesome way to let you, our friends and family, know what is going on with us and the new lil' one...

2) It is a great way to chronicle all of these crazy happenings, so that we are able to look back on them in years to come...

3) Our little one might one day, look here to learn about his or her childhood adventures… then he/she will hug us because we are the best parents EVER for doing this.

We will try to keep this blog update often with how doctor visits went, how we are feeling, what we are doing to get the house ready, etc. And that's just the stuff up to when the baby comes... after that... well, the sky's the limit.

Also, you are the ones that will keep us motivated to post often... and if we don't know that people are reading this, then it could be very easy to forget to post, etc. Therefore, comment on posts you like or dislike... let us know what you want to hear about... just click "comment" below a post and you can read what others have said and add to the conversation, etc.

We are truly looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives...

So... here we go!
Devon & Christie


  1. Congratulations Christie and Devon!

  2. John and Zek12/22/09, 9:37 PM

    Devon & Christie -- Congratulations! Oh, & word to the wise: Sleep NOW...while you still can! :)

  3. Sarah Thummel12/22/09, 11:02 PM

    WOW!!! How exciting! What a cool way to let us know...this is really really great! Looking forward to Baby Byrd's arrival, what wonderful news!

  4. Christie, I can't believe you are letting Devon reproduce. Congratulations! Thanks for keeping me in the loop and I wish you both good luck with everything. Devon, let me know if you need any tips on Pregnant Wife Management.

  5. Congratulations Devon! Thats great news! I'm excited for you and Christie!! I can't believe they'll be another lil devon running around! How crazy is that!! Well I hope all goes well with Christie's pregnancy! I'm sure the grandparents to be are super excited for you guys!! Well, congrats again and have fun preparing for your first baby!!

  6. Adam Nicholas12/23/09, 9:28 AM

    Way to go Devon and Christie! You must be proud; creating a human is very impressive. Make sure you have him/her on July 21st.

  7. Yeah! Congrats! I even subscribed to your RSS feed, so your posts will be dished up to me in Outlook.

  8. Congratulations!!! You're going to be a great daddy Devon!!